What is the Spark Neighbourhood?

The Spark Neighbourhood is a community of like-minded Spark customers who want to help Spark use technology to unleash the potential of New Zealanders. You are an exclusive group of customers we’ve invited to participate in experience, product and service testing, surveys, polls, and forums. 

As members you have the opportunity to share your opinions and influence the experiences, products and services Spark offer to customers. You are encouraged to share your experiences with each other, discuss what is working well and what could be improved and provide your thoughts on how things might be improved. Spark are listening and making decisions based on what is shared in this community. We’ll be sharing the progress back to the community whenever we can. 

The Spark Neighbourhood is managed by One Picture who are Spark's partners in Marketing Strategy and Research. One Picture facilitate thousands of interactions between clients, including Spark, and their customers. One Picture are excited to be facilitating these in the digital and real world for Spark in such an exciting way. We want this to be a fun and engaging place where we all share our ideas and opinions freely and build positively on what others have shared. We'll be managing the conversation to a certain degree to keep any trolls at bay, so if you get too negative, we'll let you know. 

Spark genuinely want to design better propositions and experiences that delight customers. This Spark Neighbourhood is an open and honest forum with customers to get information which will feed into the design and development process to make cool news things a reality for Spark and all their customers.


Got a question about the Neighbourhood? Click here to check out our FAQ!